Spring Cleaning

Water bubble and waves

Imagine if you didn’t reassess your life and redeploy yourself in innovative directions. There is a large chasm between early imaginings in your twenties to where you discover yourself a decade or two down the lane.

Just like evolution, things tend to stay or regress unless there is a plan to improve in progress. Of course that plan and its pace remains up to the individual. For instance a room left alone, still gathers dust. Mold or bugs may enter, and wood and building material deteriorate. If you walked away from you bathroom for 50 years, it would be a frightening place to return. To clean and refurbish would cost thousands of dollars and many weeks to fix

More importantly is one’s life.   You can’t just walk away from making goals and exercising those goals for years at a time without sustaining a fair amount of damage.

Years of negative thoughts, months of laziness, time spend incorrectly will all demand its penance. But, what of the price, do you ignore it or go boldly toward the future?

Some people call it Spring Cleaning, clearing away the old, deep cleaning and refurbishing both your home and your life. Is once a year enough? Is your life worth more than a precursory once over every year? Do your family and friends and business deserve and require continual dedication? That’s something to think about when you’re cleaning out that back closet.

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